makes sense to me

| November 16, 2007

a fullerton student approaches the edge of the free speech zone

i'm getting old and memory doesn't serve me the way it once did (in this case neither did google) but not long ago i came across the phrase "fascism comes on tiptoe feet."

now i'm not calling Lt. Fred Molina of the Cal State Fullerton Campus Police department a fascist. but i wonder what in the name of all that's ridiculous does this mean?

"It's a freedom of speech area, and it wasn't directed toward any particular group," said campus police Lt. Fred Molina. "But we want to find who's doing this and why."

it's not that i'm against campuses promoting free speech, hell - i'm all for it but it begs the question. where's the nearest free speech area for me? do i need to sign up? or can just anyone join in? does this mean no presidential candidates are in the area? what if i say something free in the zone but people outside of it can hear me?

somebody please lay down the basics for me. meanwhile i'm going to go have a look at this so-called "free" speech.