You don't have the right not to be offended

| November 26, 2007

There are many reasons to get offended by this world, so pick your poison.

But don't say we didn't warn you…

. . .

Thirty days and 114 posts later...we fired warning shots at Benito Giuliani and HillaryTM, rattled off a few manifestos, and even ruffled the feathers of an A-list blogger B-list blogger and said blogger's minions. I'd say we are off to a great start.

. . .

The Guys from Area 51 started early this year as a friendly competition in propaganda enhancement between Frederick, the Culture Ghost and myself. About a month or two of the Great Photoshop Wars led to the formation of the Guys from Area 51 gallery where we amassed our arsenal of digital creations.

This summer I found myself struggling to find a voice. I had little to offer as commentary on politics or current events. My well had run dry. Everything had already been said before. My personal blog turned toward personal issues – my increasing love affair with the beautiful game and longer journeys into music, among other distractions.

Suddenly, this fall it hit me – I should start a blog with the Area 51 guys. We could take our Great Photoshop Wars into a whole new battlefield. The Culture Ghost was one of the first blogs I started reading when I jumped onto the scene in early 2005. I'd been following Frederick's work since the summer of that year. And El Serracho was a shoe-in based on our previous collaboration with The Defeatists.

So there you have it – the genesis of this blog. I've found a group of similar-minded individuals who are interested in pointing out the hypocrisies, incongruities and idiosyncrasies of this wacky world we live in.

If you believe blogs should only exist to change people's minds or incite real political change then this is probably not the place for you. Take your serious ass off your serious computer desk chair, go out into the streets and change the world. More power to you, buddy.

But if you enjoy reveling in creative expression, appreciate looking at the absurdities and horrors of postmodern life and freely participating in the spread of ideas, then welcome to Area 51.

This here is a free speech zone. Sorry, but I can't guarantee Uncle Joe won't tase you bro if you leave the confines of Area 51.

Everyone wants to carve out their own niche despite the objections and protestations of the onlookers. I've chosen this niche in blogtopia – and I'm glad the other guys have made it their niche too.