Gus Hall for President 2008

| October 20, 2008

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Ladies and Gentleman, 

There are only 15 days remaining until The Most Important Election of Our LifetimeTM. We at The Guys From Area 51 will be engaged in a final push - or pull? - for our candidate for president, Gus Hall

Therefore, during the next two weeks we implore each and every one of you to look deep within your hearts and reflect on this most important decision. If after searching the depths of your soul, you, like I, emerge with the conviction that neither John McCain nor Barack Obama are qualified for the struggles that lie ahead then I strongly urge you to canvass the blogosphere for the Gus Hall campaign. 

You will not find another candidate more prepared for this moment in history. Our candidate Gus Hall  has met the standard of being a successful president - nay, an exceptional president! His ability to inspire (it don't matter that he's dead), the inclusive nature of his campaign (anyone can join) and his omnipresent reach across America the interwebs make him the man for this time. 

2008 has been a year marked by unprecedented challenges. So why not make this year's vote an unprecedented one!

It's Gus for us! 

Comandante Agi, co-chair of the Gus Hall for President 2008 campaign