Someone got Smart.

| March 4, 2009

I had this image laying around, found the perfect something to go with it, via Frog:

At some point between the day it became clear that Obama would win the primary and the day Obama voted as Senator to approve telecom immunity, Senators Feinstein, Reid, Rockefeller, et al., pulled him into a dimly lit room, and said the following:
They've been spying on everyone. Muslim Charities, Peace Groups, Human Rights Organizations, opposing lawyers, the whole shebang. But it wasn't a secret. They told us everything. We knew ahead of time, hell we were even given numbers on the types of wiretaps issued and why.

This has to remain Bush's issue. If the public finds out that both parties were complicit in spying on Americans we lose a huge political bargaining chip, and worse, it might force us to bring charges, just to show it was them who did it, not us.

So you have to vote for immunity. You can't sink your own party here. We'll go to bat for you, but you must do whatever it takes to keep this hidden. Thanks Barry, we knew you'd understand.

Brilliant. I'd be willing to bet Billions of AIG's munnies that is exactly how it went.

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