Politically Inert

| June 21, 2009

I'm trying to compose a piece this morning for Agitprop concerning the sudden emergence of the absolute Superstate, but I am finding myself absolutely repelled by any involvement or endorsement of the SuperState whether it be our own, Iran's, China's or any number one can think of...they're out there.

Our own SuperState is certainly not as oppressive or brutal as a Iran or China for we have learned to appease the teeming masses with bread and circuses (in our case, Fast Food and 150 channels of television). We have learned to allow carefully sanctioned pressure releases of protest to permeate the system; it gives the masses the illusion and delusion that they still have rights and power, when in fact they are being carefully monitored and regulated. Some dissent is necessary in the service of the SuperState's perceived sense of equilibrium and its covenant with the masses ("of the people, by the people, for the people..." yeah right....), but it must be sanctioned and carefully mediated. Ultimately it is most successful when it can be usurped as a commodity and sold back to the public safely.

With the election of Obama, the fate of the U.S SuperState has been sealed. The work was begun by the previous administration moments after the planes hit The World Trade Center Towers and the framework they completed in 7 short years is a testament to their dedication and vision. Obama and susequent administrations will not undo or turn back the clock; they shall only increase the scope of the SuperState. And you will be grateful. Grateful you have a roof over your head. Grateful you have an income even though it comes at the expense of a daily offering of your soul. Grateful you have plentiful medicines and liquors to placate the misgivings. Grateful for the vast array of consumer choices available. In return the SuperState asks that you don't question or undermine it's power and authority...in return, you shall receive all of the above.