This Is Your President

| June 18, 2009

(before someone goes off half-cocked accusing me of being a racist for portraying Obama as a white blank screen, there was a technical consideration to factor in: the background of our template is black and the blank screen wouldn't have been visible)

Okay, now that we've taken care of possibly offending Proggel sensitivities, let's get down to business.
This is what you elected America, a blank screen. A blank screen upon which you could project your hopes, dreams and aspirations. And they let you. His campaign staff was brilliant at projecting right back at you what you so desperately needed to see and hear; they never told you a lie-they just polished up your projections a bit and played them back at you. You bought your own lies. Absolutely brilliant. And then the deal closer: Together You Were All Making History! By electing the first African-American to the office you were all participating in making wondrous History that you could share with your children! And of course, being African-American provided great cover because anyone who dared call Obama's bluff was automatically a racist or unenlightened. You did your job America, you got him elected.

Just five months into this new administration I'm having trouble telling it apart from the previous administration. Okay, Obama is smarter than Bush, has a winning smile and wears a suit very well. We don't have as many stupid utterances coming out of the White House (that's Biden's job). But from a policy standpoint, I'm not seeing a whole lot of change I can believe in. In fact I'm seeing the continuation of a lot of policies that Obama promised (at your insistence) he would remedy. What I'm seeing is a superb politician in action...pure simulacrum...and to think they used to call Clinton "slick Willie." Obama is going to out charm, out manuver, out smart anything and anyone that will seek to dispel The Great be prepared and don't forget that we've been warning you for months about this.....