What Next?

| July 17, 2009

Regular readers of this blog know we have a collective "thing" for Shakesville...it began over the use of one word in a post maybe a year and a half ago and frankly it's just been too much fun to let go of. So we have mocked, ridiculed and otherwise poked fun at that corner of the Proggelverse since then. Just to much fun to be had at their expense.

But I am a bitter, bitter unwell man. You see, about a month ago there was a temporary "shutdown" of the blog as the owner of the site tried to come to terms with some of her policies and how readers and commentors were failing to adhere to all the rules about what could be said, how it could be said and who could say it. It was breath-taking to watch unfold...a proggel soap-opera of such seriousness and intensity. Eventually, after much editorializing and pleading from the party faithful, order was restored in that sector of the Proggelverse and everyone got to utter a catchphrase ("All in.") as a pledge to do better.

Naturally we had a grand time with the whole circus at this blog...but now I've come to realize that they will probably never top the drama of that last event. They've peaked in their self-righteous silliness and it is quite dubious they will ever present themselves as such a ripe target for ridicule. And this accounts for my bitterness...order has been restored and they've gone about their business of saving the world one teaspoon at a time, but without the insane drama of last month.

What is a misanthrope to do....