Birth of a Meme

| October 3, 2009

A Political Murder-Suicide Strategy?
Ed Kilgore: "It's possible, and perhaps even probable, that the GOP strategy for 2010 is to create a political environment so toxic and voter-alienating that Republicans can win a very low turnout election by whipping their base into a genuine frenzy. That's obviously not a very good scenario for the country, and it remains to be seen if it's even good for the GOP."

A few years ago I'd have nodded and said, yup, that's right, evil GOP up to their Rovian tricks once again. Not these days. Did it ever occur to one of these political pundits that the Democrats have done plenty themselves towards creating a low voter turnout (see Iraq, Afghanistan, Illegal wire tapping of citizens, Healthcare, the Environment and a thousand other issues they dropped the ball on for their constituents)? Of course it has.