Why I Am No Longer A Decent, Hard Working, Patriotic, God-Fearing, Flag Waving, Tax-Paying Amerikan.

| January 24, 2010

It always warms the cockles of my meager heart when politicians and the like trot out the phrase "decent, hard-working Americans" and all the attendant virtues that accompany such an accolade. I would like to take this opportunity to refute them one by one as they apply to me so we all know where we stand.

1) "decent" Not one politician, elected official, law-enforcement officer,military personnel or person of the cloth has earned the right to judge me "decent." I read about your bribe-taking, your influence peddling, the breaking of your marriage vows, the beating and tasering of suspects, the pedophilia rampant in the church, the detainment of suspects without due process, the "enhanced interrogation techniques"; these are what define you, not me. I don't want compliments issued from corrupt and soiled mouths of the putrid elite. Your praise means nothing to me.

2) "Hard-working" - now there's a laugh. I no longer believe in the American work ethic. It is a lie and con-job to make the proletariat feel as though they have some control and pride in their pathetic obligations to the corporate state. Me? I'm a state employee and I guarantee you are not getting your money's worth from your tax dollars here in California. I make it a point to fuck around on the internet for at least three hours out of every work day. I use company time and vehicles to run personal errands. In other words, I take full advantage of the system for my benefit-I don't give a damn if it fits in with my employer's desires and goals, I work around those. I derive great satisfaction in lowering American productivity, especially at taxpayer expense since your taxes pay my salary.

3) Patriotic. Fuck that. Any allegiance or loyalty I had to this country is over and finished. It was minimal at best in my early youth, but as I've seen the things we are capable of here and abroad, my sense of national and civic pride has shriveled to next to nothing. The American Democratic experiment was a marvelous idea; it's just too bad that greed, avarice, corruption, lust for power and complacency rotted it from within. And the the Supreme Court's most recent ruling concerning the place of the American Corporation in American Society has eroded whatever residue of respect I once had for the institutions of this country. If a corporation now has the same status as a human being, I shall be removing my name from the voter registration rolls, I will not stand for the national anthem nor will I rise to my feet when the flag goes by. That shit is for suckers.

4) "God fearing" - I always like how they throw that one to keep us all humble and honest. I believe in "something" but it certainly isn't Christian American Jesus and His Pass The Silver Plate On Sunday mega-Churches....you want to see God, look at a book of Hubble Telescope Photographs. You want to understand the Universe, read a book about particle physics...if neither of those is able to generate a spiritual experience of some sort, then you are a sheep and deserve to spend your Sundays listening to the corrupt and greedy tell you how to conduct your lives because you lack the imagination to do for yourselves.

5) The "Star & Bars" is an archaic antique now that the Supreme Court has decided that corporations are "people", too. So burn your flags as the stars will be replaced with corporate logos in the coming years. I'll be burning mine soon and taping it for YouTube.

6) I get particularly gleeful when Amerikans defend themselves by saying, "I pay my taxes." As if it is volitional...have you ever examined your paycheck...the taxes are already deducted. It's not like your employer comes to your paycheck and says, "Wow, look at John Q. Idiiot, willing to fork over so much money to support this great nation of ours." It is the law, motherfucker, so don't beat your chest and proclaim the majesty of your extra special citizenship because you pay taxes-we all do, so shut the fuck up.

All I ask from you Amerika is to leave me the fuck alone. I don't want any part of your nation-building, your "export" of freedom and liberty, your military adventurism, your one party politics, your rah-rah we're the greatest nation on earth, your 500 channels of television, your illiterate yard apes of children, your can do spirit....I'm sick of it all. It's hollow, it's empty, it's an illusion and a delusion. You keep telling yourself your lies that enable you to get up in the morning and face the simulacrum of your lives.....just don't involve me.