What a Boob.

| March 19, 2010

I should have stuck with the tradition of posting a Manuela Arcuri pic every time my Congressmen Michael Arcuri bobo'd something up. Then again, I'd have been out of fucking pictures to post back in his first term.

Arcuri will vote against health care reform
UTICA, N.Y. -- Utica area Congressman Michael Arcuri has ended his status as undecided on the health care reform bill. Arcuri says he will vote against the measure when it comes to a vote on the House floor.

Arcuri says his key concern was a lack of steps in the legislation to keep health care costs in check.

Democrats are struggling to assemble the 216 votes needed to pass the bill.

In response to Michael Arcuri's announcement that he will vote no on the health care bill Richard Hanna, a republican candidate for Congress, said, "I am pleased that after months of inexplicable waffling, he has finally decided to listen to his constituents, who are overwhelmingly against this bill -- as they should be. It is unfortunate that it's taken an election year for him to vote the way he should. We should all be asking what Mr. Arcuri's core principles are."

If Arcuri had a snowball's chance in...damn, what was I saying, oh, ya, if he though he was getting reelected by sticking his finger up in the air and seeing which way the wind blows around these hills and valleys out in the western extreme of his district he shoulda pulled his fucking head out of his ass along time ago.

They all should have, every last Dem. The time to stand for something is a little to late. I've already taken the first step, when are you going to decide you've had enough:

Imagine a future in which millions of families live off the grid, powering their homes and vehicles with dirt-cheap portable fuel cells. As industrial agriculture sputters under the strain of the spiraling costs of water, gasoline and fertilizer, networks of farmers using sophisticated techniques that combine cutting-edge green technologies with ancient Mayan know-how build an alternative food-distribution system. Faced with the burden of financing the decades-long retirement of aging boomers, many of the young embrace a new underground economy, a largely untaxed archipelago of communes, co-ops, and kibbutzim that passively resist the power of the granny state while building their own little utopias.

Ramones live at CBGB from 1977 with song Cretin Hop